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In 2002, it will be fifty years since Chad Morgan scored a notable success on Australia's Amateur Hour radio program and immediately submerged himself into the racial subconscious as "The Sheik of Scrubby Creek". In that time his reputation has grown among the cognoscenti.

Chad is a performer unique in his field - a creative artist whose personality is so much a part of the songs he writes and sings that it is inconceivable that anyone else could perform them. Chad not only sings these songs in an inimitable way but has created a gallery of characters He sings about - the embattled male, the kiss-and-run lover, the idle boaster, the nagging spouse and the whinging wife, they are just as much a part of the Australian scene as the kookaburra and the koala - and just as harmless.

He has been described as "our first native songster and true troubadour". Tex Morton once said Chad was the only original artist in Australia.
Chad's ambition was to record for Regal-Zonophone "The Sheik" was an immediate sensation but many in the business dubbed him a one hit wonder and it was three years before he again entered the studio to record six titles, one being The "Shotgun Wedding". Thus his rewarded legacy was in the making. Chad is into comic, farce and slapstick - the ultimate comic of Australian country music.
He is instantly recognisable with his unique trademark - THOSE TEETH! he readily admits that his early years saw him being the victim of cruel jibes at his teeth.

Chad had the last laugh and they became part of Australia's Heritage.

Chad portrays Aussie culture WARTS AND ALL - and we love him for it. The dry humour which he uses to send up our beloved institutions and customs have thousands of people laughing at themselves every time they hear him sing. Chad still has an enormous and devoted following and is constantly touring the country and never misses his eagerly awaited performances at the Annual Tamworth Festival. He was inducted into the TAMWORTH HANDS OF FAME in 1979 and the ROLL OF RENOWN in 1987.

Yes sir, the "SHEIK" just keeps sheikin' on.